I started playing a couple of months ago and joined up to pokerstars with the idea of trying to get up to a decent level where I could make some money off the game. I saw TV shows like the big game or tournaments where poker is a good study in psychology, and i felt that it would be a good thing to get involved in. Anyway, poker background aside, I deposited £20 and started playing micro blind games, with the idea that I could build a bankroll to move up the stakes, perhaps even with the idea that I could play at levels that could be worth a decent amount of money.

I started well, buliding my bankroll from £20 to around £80 fairly quickly, though I think this was from beginners luck more than anything. I've since dropped down to somewhere around £50, due in no small part to some bad beats. For example I called a raise from the button with pocket 4's, and the flop came 10,8,4. The table folded round to me (we were 4 handed), so I checked to disguise my hand. A 2 came on the turn and the player to my right bet. I raised, knowing i would go all in, and we both did, the other player revealing pocket deuces. Unfortunately, the only remaining 2 came down. Since then, I've sort of been questioning my playstyle - should I have bet out on the flop and taken a smaller pot?

Either way, I'm continuing to try and get my bankroll to a decent level, so i can move up the stakes. I'll continue to post up on here every so often but any advice on how to play the game, poker strategy etc would be much appreciated.

Thanks, till next time