I think I'm going to keep playing the 6 max tables. I'm kind of liking them so far. There definately different than the full ring tables. You have to be more aggresive than the other tables (full) and I'm sure there is a lot of beginners luck involve with me right now, but I seem to be doing OK. I'm still looking for some video or training about 6 max cash tables. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

Any how

Opening balance was $126.46

Session 1 - played 282 hands - $126.75

Session 2 - played 323 hands - $133.28

Session 3 - played 576 hands - $134.93

Closing balance was $134.93 (+8.47)

Not to bad for someone who hasn't played 6 max before. Like I said before though, beginners luck.