I didn't get a chance to play yesterday or even post anything. The power supply on my computer went BOOM. But I guess that was a good thing because I needed a break.

Anyway, I kind of switched things up a bit. I was looking for something on youtube for my kid and come across "xflixx" and "grinding it up". Interesting videos with lots of good tips. He plays lots of hands at a session. Don't think I'll ever get to that many hands in a day. Not unless I win the lottery.

But the one thing I seen was he was playing zoom and 6 max cash games. I've tried zoom and a little bit of 6 max but very little. But I figure I'd give it a shot. I just started with full ring cash and It's ok but I'm willing to try something new.


Opening balance was $123.89

Session 1 - Zoom 01/02 full ring - 38 hands - $122.58.  Will need lots of practice here before I'm a regular.

Session two - 6 max 01/02 - 34 hands - $121.09. Had to run to get kids. LOL

Session 3- 6 max -215 hands - $120.82

Session 4 - 6 max - 777 hands - $123.27. Made a bit of a come back.

Session 5 - 6 max - 599 hands - $126.46

Closing balance was $126.46

I'm kind of liking the 6 max and think I'll switch over to these. It's deffinately different and at one point in my last session I was up to $131 but then it started to go bad and I quit before I lost what profit i made.

Now I'm putting this down to beginner's luck and maybe just a bit of a heater happening but I'll definately going to be watching some videos and such.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.