Just when I thought I'd have the weekend to myself, the kids are gone, the wife had something to do, etc.... Have everything set to just sit and relax in front of the computer for a couple days and then,  BLAM !!!!! 

My brother shows up from out of town and decides he's going to stop for the weekend on his way home from a business trip he was on.  SURPRISE !!!

Now don't get me wrong, I love my brother. He's family ( I think   &nbsp but you all know the rest.

Did get a bit played though

Opening balance was $127.28

Session 1 - played 175 hands - $123.98

Played 50 FPP micro sat. and finished 15 out of 55 players

Session 2 - 319 hands - $126.62 . Made a bit of a come back

Played .55 turbo (400 added) - $126.07  Finished 257/810. No cards and finally had to jump or get blinded out.

Played .82 turbo (500 gtd) - $125.25   Finished 161/990 for a win of $.89. Didn't lose nothing and it was good experience. Started off really strong. Was sitting with like 9,000 chips at the 100 blind stage and then nothing, and I mean nothing, from there. Got to the money but got blinded out again.

Session 3 - played 139 hands -123.89

Closing balance was $123.89 (-3.39)