Played a few games at 02/05 tables. They are defently different than the 01/02 tables. I was up a couple bucks and ended up a couple bucks down right quick. Tight tables for sure. And if your playing you have to have a decent hand because whoever your playing with will have the same.

If I lose $20 right quick i'll go back down to 01/02 tables and build another $20. So my balance yesterday was $145. I'll play the 02/05 table till $125 or $225 before I move either up or down.

I also looked at Poker tracker 4 and think I'll try the frew trail. Is it a hard program to set up and learn ? I basically just want it to track my stats. I don't think I'll go more than 4 tables at a time.

Anyway Opening balance was $145.66

Played 340 hands (02/05 - 3 tables )

Closing balance was $143.97(-1.69)