Didn't have a lot of time to play yesterday, But I did receive a bonus from my wife yesterday. My wife opened a account here years ago before i could. And you can have only one account per ip address so I just looked around abit. But my wife hasen't played for awhile so before I could play we had to transfer the account into my name. Long story.

Anyway, they transfered her account into mine yesterday so that was a nice bonus for me. We didn't even realize what was in there. Double bonus.

Opening balance was $101.68

Played 51 hands (01/02 - 3 tables)

Closing balance was $101.93 (+.25) and FPP was 57

And now for the bonus  

Transfered $45.09 and 1,006.73 FPP points

Bringing my Closing balance to $147.02 and FPP to 1,063.73