Got to play some hands last night. Was up for a bit, but had to leave for a hour and when I got back I couldn't catch a break any where.

Opening balance was $88.34

Played 736 hands (.01/.02 - 4 tables)

Closing balance was $88.95 (+.61) and FPP was 42.97

Plus, as a added bonus, the last $15 from my first deposit bonus cleared and they put that in my account          

Closing balance for the day  ---   $103.95        double take.

I was going to move up to .2/05 tables at $100 but I think I'll grind it up to $120 before I jump up.

And I can play 4 tables profitably if I want. Tried 4 once before and did really bad but I guess practice makes purfect.

All in all, not a bad day