So I played my spin and go tickets last night. Lots of fun. And I did ok too. Had 18 tickets left and I played all of them.

Starting balance was $68.06

Won 4-$2 games

Won 1-$4 game

Won 1-$6 game

For a grand total of $18 bucks     

Bringing my balance to $86.06

Also, played 179 hands (.01/.02 - 3 tables) and didn't do so good there.

Ending balance was $83.52 (-2.54) And my FPP's climbed up to 21.92


Now I was thinking about moving up to .02/.05 tables but I think I'll wait and keep grinding it up till I get some more money. I think I'll shout for $100 bucks before I jump in higher.

How many hands do you think I should be shooting for a day to be a profitable player ? I'm not talking about the big leagues, just say the .05 or the .10 tables.