Not a bad day at all. Got to play a few hands and used up 12 spin and go tickets. Did ok too. Things are going good. Moving on up.

Here it is.

Starting Balance was $57.66

Played 189 hands( .01/.02 - 3 tables ) and ended with $60.06 (+2.40)   

Played 12 spin and go tickets

Won 2 - $2  and 1 - $4 for a total of $8 . Bonus  

Bringing my ending total to a big $68.06

Total hands to date are 423 and I've got 10.98 FPP points.


I'm using this blog as a kind of journal but I'm kind of wondering if I should be doing this in the forums. If someone would like to comment on this it would be greatly appreciated. And any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated also.

I was thinking about trying the .02/.05 tables to see how I did there. I'll take my winnings from the 18 spin and go tickets that I have left and use whatever I have to try the higher tables.

What do you think ???  Sounds good or what.

Or should I wait and just keep doing what I'm doing.   ?????