Ok, here we go.

Been playing poker for a while now. Have played a bit of everything. Don't really have a favorite game.I think I'm a decent player with a fair understanding of the terminology of the game. Not really up on that sort of thing, just like to play. A fair recreational player.

I've made a deposit (have $44.33 - Depoited $50 CAD) and am going to start on the .01/.02 tables because i'm kind of limited on my time during the week and i'll throw in some sng's and tourney's on the weekend's when time allows. I've never used a hud or kept track of stats before so any help with that sort of thing would be greatly appreciated. I usually play up to 4 tables but after that I start to lose my mind.

Would like to take my game to the next level (what ever that means) and would appreciate any advice I could get on how to make this happen.

Will try to post daily on what's happening and to keep track of my stats.