I have decided to start writing a blog as to how im doing on cash tables. i have been in the past  a profitable tournament player since 2009, but as my life is so busy with work and now family comitments i simply dont have the time to play long tournaments. so i am going to make the transition into cash games.
                  It started in july 2011 with a move to pokerstars, The transition is tough but with the help on dan harringtons books and the wonderfull live training that stars has to offer im now starting to turn a profit. 
    Here is how my results are so far by stakes
2NL   HANDS=12798    VPIP=23.7   PFR=16.7   3BET=3.8%   WTSD=32.5%  W$SD=51.5%   AGG=1.78   AGG%=28.3   PROFIT= +$55.52
5NL   HANDS=5352      VPPIP=23.7   PFR=16.3   3BET=3.6   WTSD=30%   W$SD=53.8%  AGG=1.69   AGG%=27.9  PROFIT= +$35.68
10NL   HANDS=15585   VPIP=22.4  PFR=17  3BET=3.7  WTSD=29.2%  W$SD=51%  AGG=2.02   AGG%=29.9  PROFIT=+$4.18
25NL HANDS=809   VPIP=20  PFR=13.9   3BET=2.8  WTSD=20.4   W$SD=36.8  AGG=4.57 AGG%=36.5  PROFIT= -$120.27

OVERALL ALL IN EV     AVARAGE=54.8%   PREFLOP=51.2%  FLOP=54.4%   TURN=60.3%

Any advice or generall comments would be great about going to showdown too much or not enough things like this please give me any advice or tips  thanx guys ill keep you posted with further posts as often as i can.  good luck at the tables.