This period has been very good to me, I started the month by learning the basics of Stud poker and Razz in preparation for finally playing a HORSE tournament which I have been wanting to do for about ten years, just never got round to it.  I learnt the basics of these variants by playing the lowest stake cash games on Pokerstars.


Once I felt I had the basics, I decided to play a $3.30 HORSE tournament.  It must have been beginners luck or something because I came 2nd for $33 from 49 runners, funny enough I haven't played one since (I must do this)

Using Holdem manager I was looking through my results and noticed I wasn't performing particularly well in 9 man STT, so I converted to playing 6 max instead at $3.50 stake NL holdem.  The results were fantastic, and up to now I have a 40.4% ROI on 126 games at this level, which have significantly improved my bankroll.  Once I get over $350 in my bankroll (if ever) I will move up to $7 STT tournaments, but if I drop below $350 I will move back to $3.50 STT, hopefully this is a fairly risk free strategy.

I have been reading poker strategy books again, and would highly recommend 'Raisers Edge' which I think has massively improved my game, and is the most influential book since I read Harington on holdem series.  I have also read Caro's book of tells in preparation for my visit to a live tournament, which I still haven't mustered the courage to walk through those doors.

One thing i'm still struggling with is hand analysis, I don't really know what i'm supposed to do, what i'm looking for.  Any advice on this topic would be much appreciated.

My target for the next couple of months is to raise my bankroll to near $700, with some rungood, I think this is possible, currently just under $300 at the moment.

I have included my Sharkscope tournament graph from the above period to show my progress, at these microstakes.