I thought I would start a blog, this is the first time I have done anything like this so it may not read well.  As this is my first blog I thought I would tell you all how I got into poker,

Back in 2002 my friend John Bell introduced me to Texas Holdem, he was playing on Victor Chandler poker.  I decided to join and give it a go, all I knew was the basics.  I was never a winning player and I'm still not really now.

My biggest single win to date was on 32 Red when they used to do the rounders STG tournaments, where I made it to the final round and came 2nd for about $1200, which was an amazing feeling.  I also played a live tournament (one of only three live appearances ever) in my local club where I came first for £200, there were about 40 entrants.

I stopped playing poker in 2005, as I was to busy and couldn't really afford to play any longer, and wasn't really enjoying it.

In 2007 I started playing on PKR, but played very rarely always focusing on NL texas holdem.

At the start of 2012 I started playing poker more regularly and finally started to understand bankroll management a little more (only took ten years) and also finally decided to actually read a book and study poker a little. 

The poker books that really improved my game were Dan Harringtons tournament poker series of three books, completely changing the way I play tournaments.

It was in 2012 I started to play on pokerstars more, I had been on the site, but just couldn't get on with it.  I now regularly play on pokerstars, but only grinding at microstakes.  If you check me out on sharkscope you will see my results havn't been good playing NL holdem, but have recently found something that helps my bankroll, it's called Omaha.

I am new to this game, but I am seeing profit on the zoom tables, and also only last night 27th March came 5th on the 1K guaranteed PLO tournament for a cool $80.

I have also realized how good it is to use a software program like Holdem manager or poker tracker, it really gives your game an edge.

My goals for the coming 12 months are to play more live games, study more, and to finally build a bankroll big enough to move up the stakes.

Any feedback from you guys would be great