Gotta check this out .... Anyone else on this planet as unlucky as me. I get pushed with 99 and set my opponent all in. He has 73 suited and hits a 73. This is just one example of my being in hands where I am OVER 75% to win a hand and watch anothers miracle happen. I expect to lose some of those hands, but in key situations I am running 80% to the bad. I keep expecting that the math will take care of itself eventually, but this is 3 years running now and I cannot get past the players willing to play everything with hands I typically fold ( cause whenever I have tried to play them I lose appropriately ).
Anyone else out there lost their stacks when they hit the nut flush ( only to find the opponent has hit a straight flush WITHIN thier cards ? i.e. A6 of diamonds and the opponent has 8 9 10 J Q of diamonds.
I have not met anyone to date that has lost even ONE hand to this and it has happened to me 5 times now.  The math must be astromical.
Has poker just become one global bingo game ?