Lesson 2

Welcome to Play a Bigger Game! This month we are looking at GOAL SETTING in our poker game
We’ll examine that:

-The role of your unconscious mind is at work in your game
-You must everything in your game and see what sticks
-There is no failure, even when you ‘lose, it is only feedback to improve your play
-Modelling - If anyone can do it in poker, you can do it
-Players have all the resources that they need to make the changes they want to see and the results they want to achieve from their poker game

1. Most of our behaviour is the results of habits and isn’t from our conscious mind nut our unconscious. The unconscious mind is our primal mind, our ‘old’ brain. It:

- Preserves our body (heart, lungs, legs etc)
- Stores memories
- Uses our emotions
- Uses symbols & dreams
- Resists changes
Our old brain learns most of its ‘stuff’ between the ages of 0 and 7yrs old!
Then most of our values & beliefs are set between 7 and 14yrs old. These determine our results.
For example do you think that someone who doesn’t value PLAY or COMPETITION will be good at poker? Do you think that someone who doesn’t value WEALTH will win at poker?
We can use visualisation, hypnosis & meditation to make changes in our unconscious mind. If you don’t have any resources for this I recommend you jump online and order some books or audio CDs & MP3s for GUIDED meditations that mix in a little hypnosis and visualisation.
2. You must everything in your game and see what sticks
As a poker player you must have behavioural flexibility. As Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.
So if you are STUCK in your game doing what you are doing, try a NEW approach. What areas of your game are you most stuck in? What could you do DIFFERENTLY here?
3. The is no failure, only FEEDBACK
You are in the perfect place for you right now. Everything that has ever had to happen to lead you here has led you, here. Take the positive learnings from everything and become a master of utilisation on the table and in your game online. So stop the blame game. You fall down, you get up, and again and again. Edison took hundreds of times to perfect the light bulb, Ford tried hundreds of prototype cars before he got his Model T, Branson tried lots of ventures before Virgin finally got off the ground. Try Try Try in poker.
4. Modelling
NLP believes you are a blank slate. If something is humanly possible (i.e .someone has done it before) , YOU can do it. This is why it is so important to model our PokerStars Team Pros. BE Daniel. Channel him. BE the type of man & player than Daniel is to DO the things Daniel Does to HAVE the results Daniel gets. What are his beliefs? His attitudes? What decisions does he make in his game? What does he value? Copy this and you are half way there! There are no extra ordinary people just ordinary people doing extraordinary things!
5. You have all the resources you need now. Period
You are abundant with wealth, and I don’t mean money. You have all the information you have learnt over the years in your head, your experiences, your skills, your memories. What you lack you can just go out and buy & study, i.e. books, CDs, DVDs, PokerSchool Online resources etc. Take a class in poker, watch one of the videos, take a seminar, get trained by a Pro, talk to people, learn from masters. If someone else is already doing it, you can do it too!
I hope you enjoy these lessons, Russian poker player Alina (CatGirl) will be testing these out over the next few weeks! She'll be posting her findings to each lesson on the comments section below each of my posts & her own column on PSO.
Happy playing!