Sitting Out  This is without a doubt One of the biggest annoyances with online poker. Case in point; On the weekend I was in a SNG 45 player game. I made it to the final table by playing smart and aggressive through out most of the hands. I was the chip leader (35000) double what the second place chip leader had. Two of the players who were at my original table had each won a big hand giving them a 7000 plus chip count early on. Both of them sat out the remainder of the game until it was down to the final four, almost two hours of play and not a single hand played while everyone else played their hearts out. My point is this... it seems unfair almost to the point of cheating(even though its not) for a player to be able to do this without a heavier penalty than losing their blinds. I would like to see this rule changed, By making it a time limit option,meaning if a player sits out for longer than 15 minutes then that player could be penalized the equivalent of the small or big blind every hand until they return or run out of chips. This way fewer players who choose this way of playing will be able to take a seat at the final table let alone the top 3. Now, I know some people sit out and are just waiting for the right hand and then they jump back in. Fine, but those are few and far between. The majority of players who do this are not real players and should not be able to do this without  a larger monetary penalty.
That's my rant for the day.
By the way I won that SNG
and the player who was heads up with me played a very good game from start to finish.