So, here I am thinking... I'm the Best there Ever Was, Is or Ever Will Be (Clearly This is where I live in my mind most of the time) when I decide to sign up for Poker School Online and earn myself a whack of tickets and shatter all standing records. This was short lived, merely seconds in fact. I earned 52% on the BASIC QUIZ. Hmm must be an error. Yeah will go with that! This allows me to remain in my Delusional   Cocoon of Poker Master and Ladies man Extraordinaire...Now, the latter will stand despite repeated reminders to the contrary.
Alright back it I am. After sluffing off the 48% Poker Idiot badge I decide to kind of read the CORE COURSE info then take the CORE QUIZ. Passed it didn't I? Just . 2% over the pass/fail mark. It was a squeaker. Although I passed and earned my first Ticket. I'm still holding the 48% Poker Idiot badge! Now,my Cocoon is starting to show cracks and I'm thinking that i might not be the poker guru I claimed, That's just silly talk isn't it? King of the cards I am to be sure. Must have been a software glitch. I mean what else could it be. I decide then its ON. No website quiz is going to tell me I'm Poker Nob. With my confidence riding fictitiously high I blinked at the SNG COURSE info and RRRipped into the SNG QUIZ. Well Now! Something is right off(aparently me). 20% I received. Its a good thing tears don't make a sound. My Cocoon is cracked wide open and the Monarch Butterfly of poker does not emerge..Noo Just me Poker Wanker!

Lets recap shall we.
1.Not the best there Ever Was, Is or Ever Will Be.....yet. long way off I am
2.Holds both the Poker Idiot & Poker Wanker Awards
3.Still a Ladies Man in my own to have something.

What did we learn?
1. For starters read the material even if you think you got it nailed.
2. Read it again.
3. Practice,Practice
4. Have fun.