I am glad and ecstatic to have found such a poker site.i am in no way being bias, but i state this with the experience i have had on other pokersites. Poker stars is the first and only place where i play poker and it feels like am playing live. i only started playing poker in june of last year. i have played on every poker site that you can think of and theres one in particular that made me want to give up the game of poker but am glad pokerstars has revived my liking of the game, i say like as i havent won any major torunaments yet,i made one biiiiiig cash at a casino last year and man i paid bills all the way haha. anyway i have been playing in the PSO league and am learning so much , espcially the positional plays.. i havent made a deposit in my account yet but i will do so next month and i am confident and positive that i will generate a ridiculous bankroll from what i deposit and so long i keep playing on poker stars my skills and game will improve significantly and maybe end up playing at a WPT or WSOP. i do have high expectations and i believe and know i will attain them. so far i have been fairing better this month that my last 6 months of online play since i started playing on Poker stars. i really do not know what it is but i am playing really good and the lessons on pso help alot,and i have been making the right decisions, timing good. Even when i get my bad beats i am content and i am not angry or disappointed as i have been on other sites. i dont know how to explain it to everyone but my experience playing at poker stars is like playing at the real table and i cannot wait to branch into the major and main tournaments. Sunday Million is on my List. if i can end up on the final table once or a few times i will declare myself a pro haha. But poker stars is my official and only poker site. well maybe your hands be live and your pots monsters as mike sexton would say hehe