I have recently began trying my hand at poker blogging, to which I haven't had any complaints yet. The three blogs I have written, I have posted under the 'FORUMS' section, as the forum section llows more of a word count. However I may get the same same word count here, and ifnI do itnis likely that my future blogs with be posted via this format.


So here's hoping, and I hope that all goes well. My blogs are not to tell others how to play but simply to offer any hints, tips, 'cheats', and methodology to assist other players in their game. And who knows, maybe I will give at least one player a tip or hint that they didn't know about, that could help in their table work.

So, just incase you are wondering "Who the hell is this joker trying to tell me how to play?" Again, I am not blogging to TELL you how to play. But over the years I have picked up some crafty skills that have worked online and at the tables, and I am only offering to share these skills. Whether you use them or not is completely up to you- I'm not twisting your arm that you must use them.

I am no pro, but neither am I a fish. I have been around the block, so anything contained in my blogs are systems I have personally used so I know they work (but in saying that they are NOT 100%, and have also failed me at times). But remember, there is NO poker skills, hints or tips, that have ever been 100%- at sometime EVERY poker skill has failed.


That will be enough from me for now. I will be posting regular blogs, possibly one every 4 to 7 days- depending on how long it takes me to write up a worthwhile, interesting blog for yall to read.