I found that I was getting stuck in the same predictable pattern in betting and raising during a hand- both live and online. And if I could see how predictable I was, then no doubt others were picking up on that too.

Oneday I was on youtube, and entered Daniel Negreanu's name into the search box-many viseos were there (naturally). Then I noticed one particular video; Daniel Negreanu poker tips- there were are series of poker tips were Negreanu was telling of basic to advanced poker tips, skills, and tricks that he used himself on the felt (obviously he wouldn't give up his most prized ones of course).

A few things Negreanu mentioned was bet sizing. Not to bet too much that you become pot commited, nor too little that you get re-popped and trapped into making a forced error- or a pressure play. In early and middle positions, make it about 3 to 5 times the big blind.In Late position,the button and on the blinds make it no less than 5 BB plus one BB for every player still active in the hand.

After the flop, This is where the real action usually begins. If you are going to stay in the hand after raising preflop then you have to continue to commit to your actions. So now it comes down to continuing to show strength or good actions to back up your preflop raise. Therefore you need to base you bet on how many players are still in PLUS the pot size.Althoughif you have a made hand you don't want to kill any action. So make your post flop raise a quarter or third of the total potor 135- which ever is smaller. If you make it to the turn, make your bet about 60% of the pot if you can. If your hand is very strong or even the nuts but you want the action to continue to the river, a value bet or more than a qurater but just less than a half. As for the river, if you have a monster hand and think you can bet enough to get a raise then make a low bet- maybe 2 or 3 BB.

Negreanu also said that if overall you dont think you can get any value or get a player to commit ANY of their satck at any time, think about it as if you were in the other player's seat; "WouldI call a bet? how much would I be willing to call up to?"

And above all else, TEACH YOURSELF TO NEVER SHOW ANY EMOTION WHEN READING YOUR HAND. And more so against the community cards-whether it positive or negative.

Since then I have used this strategy in every online and live game I have played, and adjusted where I feel it needs to be. It doesn't always work, but at least 87% of the time it has. I also apply this strategy when playing private games with my friends, and it tends to give me a big edge. Mostly because I get big exciteable reads of them when they hit pocket aces or kings.

So that is my blog on how I got to learn a new poker strategy I've managed to improve my game a bit more. I am now seeking to enter my first major poker tournament to put it to a real test and see how it fairs,which now also includes another poker strategy I have since picked up - not fixing to only one style of poker- changing it up every 4 or 5 hands I play to stop players getting a read on how I play. But that is for another blog at another time

Until next time