whats your poker goal for this year....?

Iv been playing poker for about 4yrs now and im still not making any profit since then.. =~(
i have now made a promise to myself that this year after reading and doing the courses on this site that i will have a bankroll that will be healthy and have a steady income hopfully....
my goals are :

1: reach to $1000 dollars in my pokerstars account
2: become a sucessfull online pokerplayer
3: play and cash in the main pokerstars tourneys like "SUNDAY MILLION, TCOOP etc..."
4: play in a live  MTT  tourney (EPT, UKIPT etc...)
5: play the world series of poker 2012  !!(THE DREAM)!!

Well number 5 is a dream and i doubt it  will happen this year unless i get really lucky at the tables...
but as for the rest of the goals they can be done with hard work, reading and experince..
its time to take this game serious now and stop been  the fish at the table,
this fish is bitting back.... new and improved for 2012.. Watch out!!!!!

As anyone made any goals for poker this this i would love to hear about them... good luck for the year and my your whole cards be lucky!!!!!!!