Hi Guys.
I thought this Premier League was going to be a good league. To earn a spot in the Premier League  you were to finish in the top 1500 of the league and you won a ticket for a month along with earning 20 VPP points to show you were ready for the next level. I played  a lot of tourneys trying to earn a spot and made it. I watched idiots chase flushes, straights, play all ins on 3-6 off, 2-8 off, etc. numerous A-rags good bluffs, bad bluffs and a lot of times they beat players following the Poker school formats getting them in with better hands. I was looking forward to the elevated play in the Premier League without these idiots wrecking a good game for a change. I was very surprised to see that at the end of the League Qualification Period, Poker Stars slapped everyone that worked for a position in the face and allowed people who didn't qualify by hard work or smart play to buy in by paying for an entry ticket. Instead of working hard for a chance to play with the elite Poker Players on Poker Stars and learning a lot more about the game, I'm afraid were going to have sit and watch some of the same first hand all inners and river chasers that you always have in any tourney. We could do this without trying to improve.
Thanks a lot......... volute1