I'm gonna paste my winning email here....



PokerStars Tournament #928863051, No Limit Hold'em
5818 players
$10.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $10.00 USD
Tournament started 2014/07/31 1:00:00 ET

Dear vkool77,

You finished the tournament in 83rd place. A USD 0.01 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 33.32 tournament leader points in this tournament. For information about our tournament leader board, see our web site at http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/tournaments/leader-board/


Thank you for participating.


The money is not much just being there at round before bubble bursst. So Happy, Thanks for pokerschool. Hopefully keep gaining skills and better in annalysing player. My dream and its everyone's dream, before i die i could be in vegas and play for wsop. cheeersss


keep reading coz im gonna post a few hands that i have questions. thnks.



lesson learn in this hand. very bad play. i donk it.