this is my first time of learning omaha from a mentor like joe hachem as he has already created lots of landmarks in his poker career so far and much more to come ahead. as i always play omaha in an agressive way but through this video i learned that we need much more than agressiveness and it requires perfection and a whole lot of understanding of what we are gonna do and how do we excel by doin that. hope to see more videos which will help me in improvin the way in which i am playin. i always wanted to improve my strategy of playing omaha but i never got any chances nor do i get any recomendations anywhere else but fortunatly pokerstars gave me this oppurtunity through poker school online and i must admit this is the only place to get ahead for that cutting edge required for any poker skills because i learned a lot from the video i watched played by joe hachem , really like the way in which he controlling the pots and learned when to leave the hands and which hand to play and which to not, as previously i was playing each and every hand, but from now i will apply all my learnings from this video to my own game and hope to see good and imperssive results.