The first month in this new year has been very challenging for me. First was some personal distraction which I do not want to discuss here. This month was a  roller coaster performance in the PSO League. In my mind I should have been in the Top 10 at this time. Unfortunately I was struggling to break in the Top 100.

Then yesterday Saturday, I was firing in all cylinders if you will. I was focused, with tunnel vision determination to breakaway where I was at. So here's the lowdown:

1.  I played four PSO Skill Tournaments and three were In The Money. The fourth game was 17 places out of the money but still a positive points. At the end of the day, I break into the Top 50. Exhilirating. I'm stoked.

2.  I played two PSO Warm Up and made the cut (Top 6) in one.

3.  I played the $2.75 NLHE with 7,309 entrants and cashed for $8.03, felt great.

Sunday Update:

1.  I played the Sunday Million Warm Up Sat. and couldn't cranked it upand wasn't getting decent  hands and finished in 71st palce.

2.  I played my first PSO Skill tourney at 13:00 and I was stunned after the fifth hand when my AA was busted with a Q2 offsuit. I was down to a mere 365 chips.I scratched, clawed, and battled back to be In The Money. That felt really goooooooood.

I skipped the 15:00 tourney to get some rest. That's all for now. Ciao!