First, I want to express my sincere appreciation to PokerStars for this PSO and to its dedicated staff. The staff  were great in answering my queries in a timely and professional manner. The PSO  is a great resource for those who want to improve their poker skills like myself. I have read, re-read and watched the video many times, and the Poker Lessons are invaluable tools.

By my own humble measure, I consider the month of October my first month in PSO Skill League a success. I finish the month being In The Money. Did I expect to be in the money?, of course not.  My first three tourneys I was quickly in the negative points falling under 1,500. I did recover quickly and for most of the month I stayed in the Top 50 and breaking a couple times into the Top 10.

Throughout  the month I met and chat with great players. Among them was September's Champion JjeSterShark who advised me to pace myself as it was the middle of the month. We have played several more instances but we never chatted much as we were concentrating in our game. While I enjoy having a conversation, I must admit it gets to be distracting if you over do it. For most of the time I'm usually quiet and just observing how others are playing.

In some instances either in my starting table or subsequent table I found a player pissed off because of a certain player labeled a "donk". I asked, why are you mad. And he said I don't know what you're getting at Vinny but I'm tired of getting suck out with all these donks. I don't know how to play them any more. I said, ahhhh there's your answer. You are scared because you don't know how to to play them. Frankly, I have experienced it myself.  Finally you have a decent hand in a long while and somebody shove all-in. It is unnerving to say the least. I have attempted to slog it out  with AA, KK, AK, AQ, AJ, A,10 and lost.

When push come to shove I will never fold AA or KK. I have no problems folding AK, AQ, QQ, JJ, 99, mid or small pairs and have done so several times. With these two monster hands, its really a coin flip. Case in point in one of my early exits was my AA vs. QQ in a showdown. My opponent flop a Q and the story ends. In another case, I was in BB with pocket AA. The player next to me UTG shoved all-in that turned out to be 9,4 and he flop you guessed it 9,4. Frustrating? absolutely, if not downright make you ballistics.
But after learning in the PSO the mathematics behind each situation, I'm a lot more accepting of what happens. In retrospect, in all the AA's I've lost, I have more in the winning column with the same.

Here's an interesting facts about the tournament.  By the first break, 55%-60% of the players are out. This is fairly consistent regardless of the number of players.

In the last five days things seemed to unravel for me. I was sort of coasting if you will in the Top 50 for most of the month. Then suddenly  I had a string of early exits that in terms of negative points equal to about 80. At that time I was in the 1887 level. It was a learning experience for me and hope it never happens again.

If you are reading my Blog, please feel free to give me feedbacks. I'll be thrilled to exchange ideas that will benefit us all in our quest to be the best we can be in Poker. I look forward with great enthusiasm in the month of November. 

See you at the table.

So here we are a brand new month in my second month. Besides having a great expectation of myself to improve I also would like to see everyone to improve.