Just back from a nice brisk winter evening walk, I decided to write up my first PSO blog on this Christmas eve. I am not a young 20s poker player (which is the usual age dynamic for poker professionals) but an early (recently) retired middle age guy (about to turn 37) who has decided to try his hand at poker to feed my competitive spirit. I have been playing on and off poker online/live for around 3-4 years. Somehow cobbled up 1000+$ online from initial 50$ deposit over this intermittent play on Pokerstars. Around July/Aug 2013, due to no life commitments (being divorced; no kids and single), I decided I had enough of the drudgery of regular life and gave up on the handling of family owned manufacturing firm to others in the family. Poker was an easy choice to take up. It gave me flexible hours and ability to work from home – a big plus in traffic-hell of Mumbai (formerly Bombay). Being a type-1 diabetic, it also would help me follow the rigorous diet and exercise schedules that my condition demands.
In poker, MTT’s were beyond me (even though I have been group coached in them by online MTT legend – Intervention; ‘Intervntion’ sn on PS) due to the variance and rigid time schedules demanded by them. Thought I start off with 10nl since I had 100+ buyins of that limit. I have always been very conservative with my bankroll. I was attracted to the zoom format with the ability to put in volume in short periods of time. Thus started the #grindingitup. The initial month was a shocker with dropping of 40bi within one month. I ran absolutely terrible 30bi –ev. Though I was running terrible, I sensed there was something really wrong with my play as well. Over next month or so, I realized that I was playing way too loose and was trying hard to win every pot that I was playing. Also zoom poker; due to its nature that a player can easily fold and go to a better hand; opponents will always have some decent equity post flop and at showdown. Thus when you will have these below/above ev runs, your roll will swing a lot more in zoom poker depending on how are running luck wise (though not as bad as PLO).
I have over a period of time resolved many of my game play problems. Watching PS pro xflixx #grindingitup challenge videos has also been quite insightful and encouraging. My #grinditup has a slightly conservative path with 10BI shots and 100BI requirement to stay at a level. I have been able to grind my way out of the hole (along with lots of analyses and study) and to the 25nl limits over the past couple of months.
I now have some challenging but seemingly realistic goal for 2014. I have added a #grinditdown goal to the existing #grinditup. The #grinditdown is to cut down my weight to 78kg (which is ideal avg weight for 1.78m height males) from the existing 112kg at the start of December – a 34kg drop.  I have dropped 3kg – the initial kilos will be easy of course.
I don’t know where I will end up at the poker - #grinditup front. I will try to reach as high as possible. A realistic target is however a volume based one and it is to get Platinum+ every month and to get to Supernova by December 2014. I welcome any suggestions/tips to achieve these goals. Will keep this blog updated from time to time.
Till next time. Cheers and Merry Xmas!!