So, it's been a whole month since I made my $65 deposit on Pokerstars. At that time I was thinking that if I could make it a $1000 before Christmas, I would be more than pleased. Very happy. But I didn't put up any goals, I rather just let it take the time. I am sure I will reach it some day, so why rush it, right?


I have been concentrating on Tournaments and Sit & Go. That is where my best results have been since I started playing online at the age of 14 (I know, too early). But I was just playing Freerolls and play money, so no big deal. Anyways, I started out in time for MicroMillions in July, did not play well, but after  the event was over, I had a slightly +/- 0 in my bankroll, so i did not loose any money. I just don't like the big starting fields of 20,000 players, like in Micromillion. I Prefer tournaments with 200 - 2000 entrants more. Afterwards i started to spend more time studying, and watching review videos on the internet. I like to watch the reviews with Andrew Brokos on Youtube, I feel like it has given me alot, aswell as the Team Online member Andre Coimbra who posts a lot of good vids on Youtube. I have been concentrating on reading books aswell, but i have problems knowing how to approach when reading, how think etc. The books have been reading is:

Kill Everyone - Lee Nelson, Tysen Streib and Steven Heston

The Theory of Poker - David Sklansky

Harrington on Hold'em - Dan Harrington

Though I haven't started reading Dan Harringtons book yet, i have plans for doing so in the next couple of weeks. Kill Everyone is the best book i've read so far, and i can read it over and over again. I have plans for buying Elkys book Raisers Edge too, since the comments he makes in  Kill Everyone is very helpful.

So in the beginning of August I had some good results, coming on 6th place in a $3,30 6-max tournaments with 1152 players, paying off $104.                                                                                       A couple of days later a played a $5,50 deepstacked tourney with 536 entrants. I ended up in 3rd place wich generated $226 to my bankroll. Since I've also been playing som Sit & Go's my bankroll status after 1 month has climbed up to $400.81

During the rest of the month i will be playing a little less, reviewing my session and studying a little bit more. Since school starts next week i'm hoping too being able to study poker at least 14-15 hours per week. I also have the goal of making Silverstar this month, I have 195 VPPs left to earn in 18 days, I should make it 

That's it for now, Time to review a session, study and off to the icehockey arena for the first preseason game this night! GO KARLSKRONA HOCKEY!