i will start with introduction, i resides in INDIA where gambling in most part of it is illegal, which is currrently changing as we have 65 % of our national population are below or at 35 yrs age but poker games are still about to get high on nerves like few days it went on my   i am vikas hasija working  as manager with a celebrity restaurant which is currently shut to relocate itself  for instant i love to gamble i started playing poker on a social media page somewhere in 2007 so how to play i understood then but few days back in september i came to know that we can play poker for real money on net through surfing different casino sites i was excited to find it out same day i was on youtube and i saw a episode of pca 2014 i was super exicted in that video i heard to attend pca visit pokerstar.com that was the time i was introduced to pokerstars i am so gald.... next same night i started playing on pokerstarwith a very small deposit of 20$ 1st game of my amature poker career and i cashed 46+$ it was on my head after that i watched mostly all events on youtube and also joined pokerschoolonline for some good tips & knowledge. i want to make a career in poker as i want to promote this game in india and want to see more players from india. following tips i want to share with all the new players.

1. know the game.

2. build bankroll. (very important)

3. set targets.

4. Don't get exicited/frustate.

5.patience is the key.

6. playing improves skills keep playing 

7. be ready for anything.

8. wait & watch a new poker-star coming up in you.(confidence).

even i am learning, by sharing knowledge you gain knowledge. 

Thanks for reading.

vikas hasija

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