Ok. So December was not great for me in the PSO nor was November. Jan is so so for now.

I noticed I started losing to a lot of running str8s and flushes or river cards and that had been very frustrating for me...so I decided to pack up and try something new. $1.40 9 player sng's.

Now i have been grinding out these sngs and doing pretty good for the most part, while trying to build a bankroll off of them as well. Also realized that they are part of The Battle of the Planets promotion which I have always seen on Pstars but never really looked into it. Glad I did. I enjoy it very much, so much so I have written posts in the forums about maybe having a special BOTP's just for PSO members. ( we'll see how that turns out). Playing for leaderboard spots has certainly tightened my game up. And even though I read this lesson and that lesson, theres no better teacher than experience. After all, all of the people that write books on poker had to learn it somewhere, and that somewhere came from grinding at the tables. This lead to common sense, which lead to stability which lead to strategy books being written. It even says in the Bible that a man should seek his own knowledge. Therefore the more you play the more you should learn. (in theory that is, but you must question everything!).

Anywho, my best finish so far is cashing 15/20 of these sng's for a total of 379 points, about 40 shy of the top 100.

Playing these sng's has made me think that placing in a certain percentage of 9 player sng's should be mandatory before moving on to the skill league. It gives the opportunity to be vigilant at a table and hone necessary skills needed for the bigger tourneys instead of  shoving and catching improbable hands and getting lucky as opposed to playing skillfully.

Of course this is just my opinion (and apparently plenty other of pso'rs who try better their game).

To sum it up. I have put more focus on the sng's than the skill league for now, dropped myself back down to the minors so to speak, but with good reason. I want to better my single table game to better handle the mtt's. As for the suckouts and running str8 and flushes and rivercards??? well I guess they'll always be there. Seeing them and subsequently avoiding them, now that my friend is a skill to be learned.

Thanks for taking the time and as always good luck and see you at the tables. =)

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