Ok...so Im in the last PSO tourney for tonight...and Im down to 720 chips and its still early...im dealt 7d9d...flop is 5s8d4s...im thinking ok..i just a need a 6 to take this down..hopefully we get to check around... butnope someone raises like almost 3 times my stack..so im thinki great im out of this one...(which if there were 2 or more diamonds on the flop im all in!)...anywas im out of the hand turn comes 6d to make my str8 at this point i would have been winning the hand...then the river comes....10d!!! to make the str8 flush!! oh i wa soooo very disappointed i didnt have the whatever it would have taken to go all in there...so yeah i got pictures of the missed str8 flush on the iphone now...but that is NOT the whole story!!! the very next hand (and im still upset about missing that previous hand) i get dealt KK...so now of course i feel a lil better... i call BB to see a low trash flop...Im all in..take it down for the some one calls his AJ doesnt hit..i win...and THEN!!... the very next hand after that one...i get KK AGAIN!! SOOOO SWWWET IM THINKING THE POKER GODS MUST HAVE HEARD AND FELT MY SORROW FOR MISSING THAT STR8 FLUSH....of course i see a flop another low trash flop so i push all in big stack calls me and i take it down after the river...after missing my str8 flush i get back to back KK to win both times and now im at 6300 chips up from 720 two hands prior...yeah that made me smile...what a nice time...no it was not the final table and no i won no money for it...but it gave me just a bit of semblance that i needed...have fun everybody and gl to you all. see you at the tables =)