Ok. So last week I suggested a "Beginner's League" in addition to the PSO Skill League in which PSO memebers could enter with a $10 + $1 buy in and compete in a tourney whit the same set up as the skill league. I got mixed replies but mostly stating that its too hard for PSO member to put up $10. So now Im thinking what about this?...The new "Beginner's League" can be set up with the same set up and structure as the PSO skill league but will be hosted outside of the PSO. In addition, however, PSO members can win a ticket to this tourney by placing say in the top 500 in the rankings any given month. I personally think it's a great idea and gives players of all levels a chance to play for some decent money with a nominal buy in. I also personally think that members of the PSO have upped their skills of online poker here and this gives them incentive to keep playing the PSO and even win that ticket to the next level. You passed the skill league now win your ticket to the beginners league. Just a thought. What do you guys think?