Not a bad day yesterday, played 3 SCOOP sats and got 1 ticket and another to round 2 of an fpp sat series to the $1.5m. Almost managed 3 from 3 but went out about 10 from the money, struggling to play nitty now lol.

The games were

$1.35 knockout sat to SCOOP-12-L $27 NLHE Knockout $125K GTD, 1 ticket only, won the ticket and change

$0.25 rebuy to another, close but not close enough, only spent 75c tho, 1 rebuy 1 + add-on so not expensive and was very close went out to a fish lol.

10 ffp sng 10 player to SCOOP-38-M Sat - won for the 100 fpp ticket

so not a bad start, won some cash too though again a mistake cost me a better finish. I will play a game without mistakes soon lol!!

I've not played the PSO for a couple of days but I will maybe over the weekend if I get a chance.

Good luck Ladies and Gents