Good month April for me poker wise. It started out well enough on PSO when I stormed into a lead I held onto for a couple of days :-D and I managed to stay up near the top despite a few ups and downs in the PSO games. Finished 18th in the league so I#m chuffed, I will improve on that this month!!

The good thing for me is my poker really has improved tremendously. I had so many things wrong with my game I'm kinda amazed I ever won a thing before. It was definatley more luck than judgement though which is why up until recently I was of the opinion, like many, that poker is more luck than judgement. This just isn't the case as I know know lol.

Yes some luck is involved but it plays such a small part overall it seems to me that luck can be discounted almost entirely.

I made a profit in april, around $300 so thats pretty good and I'm $200 up so far this month so I'm pleased with how things are going. I'm still learning new things all the time and I can only feel positive about the way things are going.

I also wanted to say a big thanks to PSO and especially to TheLangolier for all the help and advice. I've learnt so much here that I never thought possible when I joined. Dave's live sessions have made a massive difference to my game, in cash, SNGs and MTTs. Really can't say what a difference the live sessions have made, priceless.

I've started playing cash games and I've moved up a level from .01/.02 to 0.02/.05 and I'm very comfortable there. Once I build up a bank roll I'll move up again. I'm confident I can do this as I do seem to be one of the better players at these levels, making money anyway

The one area I'm still finding a little difficult is th PS tourneys, they are so big it's difficult to avoid people getting lucky against me and often it's with premium hand at the worst time, after I've built a decent stack, just in the money etc, but maybe it's a patience/concentration thing.

Big game today though, the challenge match!!

Good luck folks