Didn't play in the PSO today until the last, hadn't lost much ground on the leaders so thought I'd join the last with a minute to go before reg closed.

I was already in a game, still in it , and at a live session but I figured I could maybe squeeze out a few points just to improve my position in the league if possible.

Pocket 10s, called a small raise by utg, flop came 826 raised a 150 bet to 330 to give me a way out, for some reason I get a bad feeling when someone has a big hand and after I'd called my opponents all in  I wasn't suprised to see him turn over KK, nh.

So lost probably 20ish points drat!!

Funny thing is I almost folded preflop even tho his raise was only to 120. I just got a bad feeling and after betting to give myself an option to fold I called anyway. Wish I'd just listen to myself in those situations, I knew I was beat lol. Sounds daft I know but I did.

Never mind tho, I will get them back tomorrow and I'm just about to win a few quid, itm, after almost going out when my steal attempt was called by the BB and it cost me my stack 14K, 467 left with BB at 1000+ near the bubble.

Bubble was at 492, now 146 left and I'm doing ok