Yesterday I had an argument with a group of people over a hand I wasn't even involved in. I did blog about it but will only serve to perpetuate ill feeling leaving it visible and as we've agreed to forget about it I've removed it.

It seems to me though that poker is a lot like driving. Rage takes over otherwise perfectly reasonable people and they lose it. Then their friends join in and things escalate very quickly.

This seems to be a mainly online thing because in a live game it couldn't happen to the extreme it does online, people would be battering each other!

I think the abuse tends to get worse when others jump in from the rails, has anyone ever heard someone shout at a player, "you stupid ******* donk" or the like because they beat their mate in a hand? It's probably happened but it's unusual.

Online it happens frequently, too frequently for my liking.

Perhaps PSO could teach good etiquette too, and dock points from those who persistently harass players from the rails? Just an idea as it seems many here value points above anything else including playing decent poker. Unfortunately many don't listen unless there's a stick to enforce it with.