I'm not gonna mess about in the PSO league anymore. It's pretty easy to get half decent points if you play super tight. Not content with just hanging on anymore. All the things I've been trying to learn have changed the way I approach the game.

I intend to try to win the league this month, I'm not gonna do that spending 18 hours a day waiting for the right moment or hand and hoping I don't lose a few points. Think I played 3 today 2 negative and a 10th place should put me just outside the top 20 today.

I'm really pleased with the last few days. All the stuff I've been picking up in the live sessions is starting in some small way to come together.

I can't believe how little I actually knew. Don't know what I've been playing for the last couple of years but it wasn't poker. Jesus now I am really embarrassed about my 15 minutes of fame playing poker on TV. I mustve looked like a right fool lol I think I knew tho coz I've never watched it :-D

Anyway not saying all that has completely changed but I understand so much more about the game now and from the evidence of the last couple of days, despite making mistakes still, I really can see a massive improvement in my game.

From where I'm starting that might not mean much but it's a start

Have fun folks