Had an up and down day yesterday struggled to get into the games so my previous experience as a super nit came in handy lol

Finished the day doubling my lead to 40 points but it's early days yet. Based on past months I need to be in the low to mid 1900s to be in with a chance of winning.

I believe I can do that. I'm pretty competitive, played football and cricket to a resonably high level and I've always enjoyed the competitiveness of any sport, even bowls!! I like winning lol

And I have some unexpected encouragement, Dave TheLangolier, who I have learnt so much from in the excellent live sessions he does, has picked me as the dark horse in his fantasy league team which is a fantastic incentive. And  as added encouragement there's quite a few who believe it won't last and I'm looking forward to the challenge

Hopefully I will have a better day than yesterday. I have a strategy and if everything goes according to plan I should do ok today. That quote about mice and men springs to mind tho lol

Good luck everybody, have fun at the tables