I've been trying to put into practice the things I've picked up in the live training sessions. This is the first cash tourney I've played bringing as much as what I hope I've learnt as can into play.

I'm currently 10th and doing ok.

The reason I'm posting is because I just played a hand that demonstrated very quickly why poker should be played the way I'm learning from TheLangolier.

I raised 3xBB utg with no real plan, I had up till that point in every hand I'd played. An aggressive player raised all-in for 58k and utg who had flat called, called the all-in, he was covered by both of us. I folded, but I folded coz i went into the hand without a plan i didn't know what to do when re-raised thou i'd thought the villain might be pushing with a weaker hand, I also had the villains stack.

Anyway game on, just thinking out loud lol