Whilst I haven't had great cards recently I'm not sure they're any worse than usual, haven't done any analysis on all the hole cards I've been dealt. I guess that isn't important though because what I have been doing is playing the hands I have played incorrectly.

It's all well and good using maths to calculate whether you should make a particular play or not but if you get the math wrong, well you know lol

I've been overestimating the strength of my hands or likelyhood of hitting a draw for different reasons but after plugging the hands into poker stove I've been surprised at just how wrong I've been. I haven't been getting unlucky I've just used bad judgement and not sucked out lol. As it happens that's probably a good thing as I've identified one of the weaknesses in my play as a result.

I've been getting unlucky sometimes, in all-in races with KK especially it seems but the damage has been done earlier on with mistakes I didn't know I was making, well maybe I had and inkling.

I'm going to use poker stove more to try and get a better idea of what's going on. I'm not 100% comfortable with it yet but the session by TheLangolier gave me a good insight

Now I just have to try to see if I can put some of what I'm learning into practice properly