Really enlightening listening to the reasoning behind the decisions Dave made in the tourney. I mentioned in my previous post a flaw in my game and watching this has certainly helped in that respect, it's given me a better idea of how to adapt to a particular situation I've been struggling with.

In all honesty I think joining PSO is the best decision I've made in a long time, I've learnt so much! I've been playing only a couple of years and in my first year I had a measure of success, probably because I had no clue lol. I played for England against Australia in the poker Ashes 2009 (I'd never played a live tourney before and it was on tv :-D , fantastic experience but I haven't watched it, I cringe at the thought lol) but since then have struggled. I feel much more confident about my game in the last couple of weeks.

Not getting ahead of myself, still not very good but I'm enjoying learning