We didnt play during holiday because we couldnt although we found verry good learning material for higher stakes.In new your we are going berserker mode for job so welcome menial jobs.We tryed to play micros last dwo days but first day i tried some stuff which i learned from higher stakes videos it didnt worked out and second day we lost aswell  because we have had big roll and we tried some plays aka nasty plays.

So whats coming in the future well we need money for at least 25 NL and adapt there.We got 200 euros on christmas so its liitlebit easier.It really cant do enything right now just wait for a job .We cant start learn something because it wont be worth it.During that time we are gonna continue play micros but only if we want it means not every day.I think we cant prepare for higher stakes from videos we need to sit there with small stack and let HM run and then figure out counter strategy.Those learning videos will help only in creating that strategy.

Otherwise, life starts becaming really boring all my friend are busy in school or noobs which means i dont have time for their fun which does not bring something useful or is bad for my health.I understand them because they only have school.

Playwise i think we are very bad right now .We havent played for long time and we were watching lots of higher stakes videos.We will be posting here less often and offtopic.

I hope we are going to survive future and avoid college and dont die from boredom.Life is fun from visive and 2012 from Galizian kept us alive peace.