So i skipped week 5 because i didnt have time to write something constructive.So we made 3 buyins in to 5NL and we tried one session.Everybady was so tight there wasnt any action on the tables, it was just extremely boring.We tried to outplay guys and try some new stuff like suited connectors and suited aces to beat those guys Brodways because we had free money.


When we got our super 7 percent range everybody folded. So afterwards i did research how these guys on 5NL play.I found out that 65 percent of the lost was due to luck and the rest was just bad play but at least i know what types of player there are and how they play.One time i think i got the guy but he had AA when i had AA as well so shitty.So we gonna make another 3 buyins on 5NL and try what we learned.Next time its better to get as many hads as posible on those guys and then figure out strategy.

Graph is going sideways for now.Im gonna post here 5 most wins and loses as usual.