After couple of winning sessions came one of the biggest loosing session caused by mostly bad plays. So graph no loger goes straight up. After hours of discussing we have come with conclusion dat there are no real money to make in this micros so we are focusing more on plays instead of getting free monez from fishmans. Bojo alway make more monez than me but he doesnt do any hard decisions when we look back into the HM. So bojo figured out that we gonna play separatly as possible with Active Session reset in HM (what btw end up not working at all) and making 3buy-ins for 5NL attempt.


Nevertheless we gonna need bankroll booster from the job and plus at the Office its starting to be quite nasty. So i hope dat our bankroll booster time is not gonna be huge ButtHurt in McDonnalds.

Im running out of quality learning materials and at least one good news a managed to play 12 tables EZ so with a SnT setup its not gonna be dat hard.