After pretty successful week 3 i was thinking that week 4 is gonna worse but it wasnt the case.Only one session was breaking even.Until this point it seems that im crushing microstakes .I reviewed the break even session in order to find mistakes or the purpose of the problem and i didnt find enything.It was mostly due to tight players wasnt giving us action and also couple of coolers AQ vs AK.Not lots of spots have occured in that session.


The table amount in picture is wrong. I might have to move stakes or add some more tables.Im playing 6 tables now so we will see how its gonna be adding tables or moving stakes but what ive seen so far on 5NL is 3 betting and squeezing alot.There is not much to do right now im just playing standart every day.

I need to find way how to improve right now because education on internet is runing out and there are mostly 1 or 2 misplays in session.As i mentioned im gonna be working on HUD and PopUps.Week 5 is where the action is gonna happen ill eather add more tables or play higher stakes. Thas all for now.