I skipped week 2 because i didnt play. Too much loosing and bad plays .So i did some analysis why that happend and I came to the conclusion that i played so many tablesat once.Also i worked little bit on my  HUD.I wanned to learn more about NoteCaddy so i did and took full advantage of this utility.I played whole week 3 positive. I was playing 6tables without SaT using everything i learn in week 2.I just exploded and i stucked  one supernova guy.

This is my graph so far.


On friday i was watching Greg Merson play WSOP im not a turnament player but Greg is friend of gripsed.At the end he won with K3 against QJ i think even two guys from 888 couldnt stop him.

Im gonna post some hadns from week 3 and some more screenshots .I dont know when im gonna move to higher stakes.Begining of week 4 was little bit slacky wins are lower.It could be due to AA vs AK coolers.Im gonna try to improve HUD and notecaddy more and more.I need to figure out how im gonna play more tables

Here you have some more looses and wins. Just open these screen in new tab