I have been playing on 888 since i saw that players there are very juicie but i also noticed a lot of suckouts. So i decided to give it a shot but it didnt turn out well. I was getting coolers over and over again and i started loosing. One thing that also helped was also my HUD. At the beginning there was problem with seating preference but i thought that it is fixed, but it have never been fixed.




So i didnt have my HUD and ppl there were spilling their free 8 bucks on me and 888 card generator always sucked me in. 

So i decided to reinstall my win cuz i wanned to try HM trial if it works. I reinstalled my win and then suddenly new bug appeared on HM forum that saied that 888 is bugged now  GG.  I needed to roll my cards so i starded to play without HUD with Bojo and i got sucked out on. Then i wanned to withdraw my money but there was 5 dollar fee for withdraw so i throwed last 11 bucks on rullete. I betted all money on black and ball dropped on 0 so that was it for me on 888.com

Im including my hand history from 888 below.