So 1 week of playing is over me and im gonna bring you guys some statisticks from my play.

Here are my statisticks Hc

I first day started playing on stars 6 tables stacked and i did very vell lots of spots and also lots of fishes.The other days it didnt go very vell everybody was tight so i played 8 to 10 tables stack and tile.I realized that only way i can beat these tight guys is be tighter.I have tryed to set mine get in with suited aces to flash their asses and open AQ^ .Lots of time i got AK and didnt get any action due to that i have stealed all the time and 3 bet guys who wanned to steal from me.Im getting use to more tables gradualy. This is my graph.

Syndark Graph


Now i whould like to show you the most wining hands and the biggest loosing ones. Ive earned 36 VPPs its not that much. Here are all the looses i had you can go to next hands in replayer.

Here are all the wins.