I decided to play poker after i saw Athenes videos i opened account on PSO and got free 20 dolars on partypoker.I played like 6 tables very tight with autofolder and i was watching as many poker videos as i could.


I didnt like partypoker because everyboddy was tight as well .First day i lost 50 percent of my roll.I didnt give up and i countinued playing grinded up back to 20 dollars .I had busted my roll after i realized that im not gonna get bonus after completing vip bar.

After that i deposited through paysafecard on betfair because i have  watched gripsed video saying that i shouldnt go on pokerstars.So i have played on betfair and i learned alot but the bad thing was that at the morming when i was playing there was only 4 tables avaible. I was bored on the tables and that sometimes caused me a mistake.I was playing 4NL there with 30 dolars bankroll.After doubling my roll i decided to switch to pokerstars and 888 poker depositing 30 euro on stars and 20 on 888.I've lost my graph from betfair but it looked something like this. i've played 8k hand on bettfair

Now im starting on PS and 888 i hope im gonna do well there.