Well was some time from my last post , didnt have time for poker, had to finish some chemistry projects , meanwhile got sick... flue..... really bad karma ...i wonder will anything good ever happen to me ..... nahhhhhhh

& the story goes ....... open skill league first 50 cents + couple of cents from getting to buble...where to spend... 990 hyper for 0.02 .... first impresion oh boy circus is in town ....people acting like lunatics, shoving with rags from twilightzone  & on top of all that ruthless antes bashing everyone...after short sesion 20 games i was on 22 cent with in the money 5 % of games played ( 1 of 20 ) ...kinda disapointing .........

After analyzing hands played in HEM I could not believe that my play was so terible ..... so whats the catch??? I failed to shift my game to this agresive enviroment &  result of it game was bad.....so back to mathematics ..sample of 20 games (not that big but I will continue tommorow until i bust rest of my 22 cents :-P )  & lets say that average Joe playing is 10 % range ( which i doubt, i was realy conservative here i would say range is from 10 to 50 or even more , small sample ) but for my sake & "thight is right" saying i will use 10% range ..so after hand history > poker stove > range of playable hands tthis is.... will be my resolve :

observed vilian range: 55+ , A7+ , A7s+, K7s+, KT+, QJs (once again i was very conservative & i am sure this range can be easily expanded)

SHOVE any raise with AA , KK, QQ, JJ  expected equity against vilians range : 63 %
UTG (1-3) SHOVE if limped to me or first to act TT+, ATs+, AT,AQ expected equity: 58.7 %
MP 4 or 5 to act behind me
77+,A7s+,K9s+,QJs,A9o+,KTo+  expected equity :47 %
LP Button & Cut Off SHOVE 44+,A2s+,K6s+,Q9s+,JTs,A5o+,K9o+,QTo+   expected equity 41%

Just watching this now i can tell that small pairs & small aces will still be aleak , but taking into account wide ranges people show with , my final opinion is that i am going to use them in my arsenal until they prove the opposite. Roughly speaking, I did not take into account folding equity, playing against bigger stacks on table & other factors that can influence game play, simple starting from scratch ...my 2 cents xD  ......... tired & sleepy to continue my inspiration veins...for now atleast :roll: